Marketing For Your Startup Company

There are many ways to improve your marketing strategy. The thing is that most of this techniques requires you to start from scratch and forget everything you knew about your approach. You will also need to undo any changes that will affect the current, newly accepted strategy. This takes a lot of time, effort, patience, and dedication. But this is the only way to make it work.

If you want something done, you will most likely have to do it yourself. So take notes, think about what’s the best approach and get started.

First things first, have your analytics team create a graph of your company’s success so far. This includes your sales, transactions, success in the advertisement. The amount of people you attracted and what group of customers that is. When you have it finally in front of you, you can start with alterations and changes.

It may include fundamental changes to your company’s policy, but keep in mind that it’s all for the better. Eliminate the unwanted group of customers that gets you nowhere. You either get traffic from them, or they buy a service form you or a product.


Depends on what company you are. The important thing is to focus on the money-gaining audience that will increase your profit. Make sure that you and your team realizes that without these changes you will most likely end up declaring bankruptcy.

If you do things right, you probably won’t have to decrease salaries or create expenses that will cover you. This is the common mistake in many companies; people are aware that you are doing something against their will. And hitting them in the pocket might not be a good idea.


We are looking for a long term solution here, not the short term, remember that. So without degrading your employees, and insulting their intelligence, by deducting from their salaries for this and that focus on the important things. Gather your income from you customers rather your employees.