Social Media In Today Advertising

When presented with a choice of both bad and good news in a well-known form of a sentence: “ I have bad and good news for you” I always prefer to hear the bad news firs. I’ll assume you are the same so I’ll tell you the bad news first. It’s harder now than ever, even with new ways of advertising, to show your content and make people hear of you.

Media on web

The changes that Google applied to its search engine only decreased yours and everybody else’s chance to advertise their work, product, or service online. To make the matters worse, Facebook changed their policy so that your content won’t be as available to everyone as it will to people related to you and your profile. Luckily there is something you can do, or at least ways you can adapt, to continue advertising your company, business or hobby.

social-media-iconsThe best approach would be to create and amplify your content so that it is with other top searches on that topic. Tag and build an audience that will return to your page on that social media network for related content. The next smart step would involve filtering that selected audience for your region. This way people using Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media that live in that area would get priority on that search.

Finally, when you’re done, you will need to monitor and analyze your views and make changes to improve your approach every time you repeat the process.

The thing is that it won’t be any easier to promote or advertise in any other way on social media. This is of course because they also have in their interest to diminish our chances for success. Since there is no fee for advertising on social media, this is the only way they can reduce its effectiveness since they aren’t charging for it.

Alternatively, what you can do to ensure your advertising success is to create a page and create traffic on it. Or you can have someone do this for you for the right price of course.